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Vinyl Riot X F1SHCUSTOMS ‘Gotham’s Most Wanted’

These custom 3-inch Batman Dunnys by F1SHCUSTOMS go on sale today at at 3pm EST. Only 9 will be up for grabs and they’re being delivered at random, but one lucky buyer will also receive 60’s Batman and 60’s Joker!


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Not gonna lie, this is pretty awesome.


Eric Y. Huang aka Gingashi - DC Villains Mash-Ups

Whenever you think you already saw everything, here comes something brand new ! What about mash-ups between DC villains from Gotham City ? Kudos to Gingashi for this awesomeness !

C’est toujours quand on pense avoir tout vu qu’on tombe sur du nouveau… A savoir des mash-ups de super-méchants tout droit sortis de Gotham City ! Bravo à Gingashi pour son imagination.

Via et Renaud W. Richard !

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